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3 Day Property Investing Seminar

3 Day Property Investing Seminar

Property investing has always been my passion and it has given me the financial and time freedom to do the things I want to do with my life.

Many other people I know also have the freedom of not having to go to work because they have sorted out the money side of their lives by investing in property.

I have always wondered why it is that more people do not become property investors, for me it is a no brainer. Speak to anyone at a party and invariably they will have a tale of a property they should have bought 5, 10, 15 years ago and how much it is worth now.

So, why haven’t you invested in property?

Is it lack of money? Lack of time? Lack of Knowledge? Or just procrastination?

The 3 day property seminars are designed to give you the confidence and the know how to get you started as a property investor.

The course is for you if…

1.) You are new to property investing and need a helping hand to get started.

2.) You are looking to use the changes in the pensions rule on the 5th of April to diversify some of you retirement pot into property.

3.) You are a part time investor, maybe with 1 or 2 properties, and would like to turn property investing into your full time business.

On the 3 day property workshop…

You’ll see my property secrets in action. Every property I own is full. I don’t have a single empty property or even an empty room. This is because I invest in the right properties in the right locations to ensure I have full occupancy.

The foundation of the 3 day course is you setting your strategy. The strategy that is right for you.

The two basic property investment strategies are generate income and generate capital.

With income we aim to generate cash surpluses every month so that we don’t need to have a day job. With capital strategies we are looking for something other than income: what we want is a lump sum of capital at the end. So our main options are to have either lots of smaller and regular bits of money (income) or to have bigger but perhaps irregular bits of money (capital).

  • Setting your investment strategy is vital. It helps to clarify your own thoughts about what you want, and why and how you intend to achieve your goals.
  • The strategic plan can be very useful when applying for finance as many lenders see it as the main part of your business plan.
  • It is a fundamental document to show your solicitor, accountant and tax advisor when you start to consider your taxation position and the protection of your assets.

Once you have your strategy in place you are then ready to learn the tactics:

Commitment - Discover how to enact your chosen strategy with commitment and purpose such that you escape the dreaded hamster wheel of financial life. Also learn how to use property to create your own £65k per year pension.

Sourcing - Where to find 100’s of properties that ‘work’.  Learn how to identify and source the perfect investment for you and the customer. Understand how by focussing on customers and market research, you invest safely, with sufficient cash flow and profits.

Location, Location - By understanding the historic background of towns and cities you learn how to find out where the best locations to buy can be found in the towns and cities of the UK.

Investing for Income - Discover the fundamentals of investing for income with the help of the investment property check list. The list of must ‘haves’ and must not ‘haves’ will form an important part of your property review and purchasing process.

Investing for Capital - Identify potential capital investments by following the 7 steps to finding the perfect property for capital growth and the 7 things to avoid at all costs.
You’ll also learn the basics about how to buy at property auctions.

Analysis and Evaluation – Learn how to evaluate and assess the numbers: including the cash flows and profits with 100% certainty (there is NO other business where that is possible!)

Lease options - Find out how people are sitting in the middle of deals between People want to SELL their properties but can’t and people who want to BUY properties, but can’t. Without getting a mortgage and without putting down a massive deposit!

Money Matters - The subject of property finance is a big and complex area and scary for most people so it is essential that you learn all about financing and funds and how to get money for all your investments with ease.

The Action Plan - Learn how to move forward as a property investor by creating an action plan which works for you.

The training you will receive at the 3 day course is designed to give you the confidence and the know how to become a successful property investor. It will show you that when property investing is done properly, it should always produce a healthy return in one form or another: whether it be in the rental yield if property prices go down or whether it be from capital increases as property prices go up.

Wishing you Wealth, Happiness and Peace of Mind

PS. I'm so convinced you can become a successful property investor by applying the ideas, methods and strategies I share with you during our three days together – that your ticket price is covered by my Unconditional Guarantee. If, for any reason you feel the Course is not as I promised – then please discreetly let one of us know by lunchtime on the first day – and I will refund your ticket price in full. No question or quibble.