Founded by Secret Millionaire, Gill Fielding

About The Company

Our mission is clear: to make families in the UK financially free

Effective financial management is the key to becoming financially free. Fielding Financial was created in 2009, by Secret Millionaire Gill Fielding, to help everyone in the UK to understand those financial management principles that will give them greater control over and success with their money. Throughout her wealth-creating life, Gill had often had the idea of creating a 'wealth collective' group and it finally came into reality – as many great things do – from a sideways challenge. Many people would say to her: “Ooh, I wish I was a member of your family because your children have pensions, and you look after your dad and so on." Then it hit her – everybody COULD be a member of her 'financial family' – and so her dream wealth collective, Fielding Financial, was born.

Financial management through Fielding Financial is not about 'getting rich quick,' although some people do make rapid progress after putting their affairs in order. Rather, it is about creating a solid financial foundation that will undo previous bad habits, repair distorted beliefs about money and wealth and set an action-orientated course for the future which will lead to real opportunities for life-changing wealth.

Excelling at a new skill requires getting the basics right, and financial management is no different. You can get started on that path today by visiting the personal finance section and entering the 'access lanes' that will point you in the right direction and help you to gather speed before merging into those lucrative 'wealth lanes.' After this induction you can begin your education into the world of property investment; trading in shares, commodities, currencies and options and starting and developing a successful business.

Gill Fielding is a self-made millionaire with a no-nonsense and positive approach to finance designed to help anyone improve their financial management and achieve 'Financial Freedom.' With huge credibility in the financial world; high-profile job roles, including as an advisor to the Inland Revenue, and with her experience as a regular spokesperson on TV, radio and in print, Gill is well-placed to use her expertise, through the Fielding Financial Family, to educate the nation in managing and improving their financial position - lighting the spark of financial possibility for as many people as possible