Gill Fielding

Founder and CEO of Fielding Financial

Gill Fielding is a self-made property millionaire, Founder and CEO of property investing training company Fielding Financial, Founder and CEO of charity Money Mum, an accomplished Author, Keynote Speaker and Radio host. When she’s not working in these areas, Gill is a contributor to the Economic Feedback Group for the Bank of England, Patron of the Worthing and Adur Chamber of Commerce, and finally part owner of several additional companies.

A prolific entrepreneur and contributor to the financial and property sector, Gill is dedicated to her life mission which is ‘to light the spark of financial possibility for as she can get to in her lifetime’. Gill wants to inspire and motivate everyone to act and make those necessary changes that will give them financial security in the future.

Before devoting herself to what she discovered as her life mission, Gill trained as a Chartered Accountant and worked in the City of London at many notable establishments including Price Waterhouse Cooper (now PWC), Citicorp and the Inland Revenue. All the while, Gill was investing in property, her true passion and doing the ‘thing’ that lit her up. Recognising that this was her passion, and that she was pretty good at it, Gill listened to her calling and began to train others on how to be a professional property investor.

Catching The Property Bug

Since taking the decision to be wholly invested in the world of Property and living according to her mission, Gill has gone from strength to strength, from inspiring others and making a difference in their lives to building her own successful training company and reaching the status of self-made multi-millionaire.

However, it hasn’t always been this way, Gill started from humble beginnings and it’s well-known that she was born and raised in London’s East End into a poor working-class family. One of three, she had none of life’s advantages: no decent education, no support system, and certainly no money. She describes herself as a ‘normal snotty-nosed daft little kid’, but luckily, she learnt the value of the coin at an early age, this combined with hard work, shaped Gill into the successful professional she is today.

Gill admits she’s had some ‘daft moments’ throughout her life, and it was one of these that found her taking on the role of amateur property investor over 40 years ago.

At the age of 18 Gill decided on University, here in lie the Herculean task of raising enough money over the next 15 months so she could buy a house so she could get educated.

Gill’s first property was a 3-bedroomed semi in Burgess Hill. The commute turned out to be exhausting and too far away from all her friends, so Gill decided to rent the property while she lived the ‘typical’ university lifestyle. It was only when Gill finished university and sold this first property that she discovered how profitable property could be, her money from the sale had been quadrupled! The cogs began to turn and that initial spark for wealth creation and property investing was lit.

Fielding Financial

When it comes to property, it wasn’t until 20 years after that first house purchase that Gill found the formula to successful property investing; this of course came after much trial and error. With a portfolio worth over £15 million and having developed and perfected the property investing method, Gill now shares her accumulated knowledge through her training company Fielding Financial where she has trained over 15,000 students since opening the doors in 2009.

Gill’s no-nonsense positive approach to finance means that all our students are in capable hands, whether they are learning about property, business or trading and shares. Gill has seen it happen time and time again whereby if students are proactive, follow the guidance and implement the techniques, they will become responsible professional property investors and financially free in a matter of time.

Since launching Fielding Financial Gill has turned her attentions to developing several businesses that feed into the Wealth Motorway, Gill’s analogy for achieving financial freedom. This includes a charity called Money Mum which has developed a set of tools that deliver the nation their ‘financial five a day’, Financial Investing and Trading an online learning platform that introduces the basics on investing and how to do this safely and securely, and coming soon, Business for Wealth.

As an author Gill has written a series of books based on the Wealth Motorway. Each book provides practical hands on advice to help inspire and teach readers how to begin and grow their wealth. All books are available to purchase on Amazon.

Channel 4 Series Secret Millionaire

It was in 2007 that things began to change, Gill was writing the advanced seminars and presenting for Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad, Poor Dad fame in the UK and America, and she received a phone call…

This phone call was from a producer called Abigail Priddle, who was at the time running castings for the Channel 4 series The Secret Millionaire and wanted Gill to feature in the televised series. For Gill the show was the most surreal and fantastic life-changing experiences. It was this that nudged Gill back on to her true path and helped her rediscovered the true her. Gill acknowledged the truth about creating financial success.

Gill was famed for giving away nearly £250,000 to the families she met and the causes she supported and is still in contact to this day. Her acumen for saving, learnt as a child, was admired by viewers and placed her in the public eye as a financial expert.

Watch a clip from ‘Secret Millionaire Changed my Life’ with Sabrina and Gill. Sabrina founded the Single Parents Project.

Gill describes this period as the ‘tipping point’. With renewed purpose Gill used the platform to talk about the importance of financial education and in turn has become a trusted household voice. This has led to a number of other appearances including Celebrity Egghead (BBC2); a guest at Hotel GB (Channel 4) and a business expert on The Apprentice – You’re Fired show (BBC2). As a financial commentator Gill has contributed to BBC, ITV, CNBC and the ITN and Channel 4 elections. Gill currently has a monthly phone-in show on BBC Radio called Wealth Wednesday.

In Gill’s spare time she enjoys spending time with her three children and extended family, dancing and visiting the theatre and well as reading everything from literature to development books.

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If you’d like to get in contact, Gill is available for interview, television, radio, and keynote speaking appearances. She is also more than happy to provide comment and by-lined articles on a range of topics related to finance and property.

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