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Please sign up to our CAMPAIGN FOR CASH COMMON SENSE which we will present to the government. We are campaigning that the National Curriculum should include "The Financial Five a Day":

1. How to get, manage and monitor a bank account.

2. How to understand, manage and control credit, debt and borrowings.

3. How to control your money so that it lasts to the next pay day.

4. A sense of the future value of money and how to plan going forward, including saving for the future, so that everybody can have some jam today AND a bit of jam tomorrow

5. A sense of self reliance and responsibility for your own financial future and well being.

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Money is the right of those who understand and apply some simple steps. Those steps are basic and can be understood by all – they aren't taught in schools and yet they should be compulsory.

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Need Help Managing Your Own Personal Finances?

Why not visit our access lane and get started on our Wealth Motorway. This is where to go to sort out your basic domestic stuff. That means looking at all your personal finances and the gritty stuff like mortgages, insurances, wills and pensions.