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5 Entrepreneurial Tips For Avoiding the Boardroom

5 Entrepreneurial Tips For Avoiding the Boardroom


At Fielding Financial we are big fans of the BBC’s Apprentice! We particularly like how it shows a good balance between the struggle and challenge of success on one hand, and the possibility and joy of success on the other hand, especially when one makes the best use of available resources.

Many businesses fail due to a common lack in perspective and failure to dive deeply into research, and think through all the options.

So, with this in mind, here are our Top Tips for becoming an entrepreneur (perhaps not quite like Alan Sugar, but in your own way!):


  1. Be single-minded. 9 out of 10 business start-ups fail in the first three years – why should yours be any different? Consider your unique selling point and the solution your idea offers to the market place.


  1. Keep thinking creatively and be flexible – if something isn’t working change it – NOW!


  1. Keep asking for advice from other successful business people – particularly if they are successful in your field. Never re-invent the wheel, if you don’t need to.


  1. Be ahead of the game! Always be on the lookout for the next big thing. But be wary not to get too carried away, sit back, do your research and get to know your market before making that big leap.


  1. Finally, consider your failures as learning experiences – you need to use these events as learning experiences, which will be difficult if you think about them negatively. So, choose to be positive!


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