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Gill’s 5-month Financial Forecast

Gill’s 5-month Financial Forecast


As September is closing I’ve now taken stock of where I am, and what I’ve achieved so far:

  • I’ve manged in a few months to get all my little bits and bobs of pensions into a personal pension SIPP.
  • I’ve manged to get that connected to a broker account so that I can trade what I like
  • I’ve manged to get that money (about £198k) fully invested into a Dogs strategy (ie Tier 2 of our share trading pyramid): half in the UK and half in the US
  • I’ve correctly registered by W-8BEN to be able to trade US stocks from the UK
  • I’ve made some money!


  • We’ve done all the above for my son Michael, who is testing this 10% strategy with me.

 Alongside that, we’ve run two Introductory shares courses so that people can join us on this journey PLUS I’ve written a fair amount of the book, Solving the Share Trading Puzzle, which is recording our yearlong ‘prove the 10% theory’!


As I sit here today both halves of my portfolio are in profit:

The UK is just about squeaking above break even at about 0.3% gain;

 At the same time, the US has been roaring away and that half of the portfolio is showing over 3% gain:


 So, as I close the first 5 months of this trading year, I think we’ve achieved quite a lot, bearing in mind that we were starting from scratch in May.


However, we are now resting on our laurels and we need to go up a gear. We must get ourselves up to the higher tiers of the pyramid in the next few weeks, so that we can start to get access to the higher rates of profit. Our broad objective is to gain 10% at the bottom tiers and 20% at the top!   

We have set ourselves two tasks to achieve in the next 14 days:

  1. Find some spare money to invest in tiers 4 and 5. As we know less about these types of trading currently, we are going to learn with a small amount – probably about £2,250 each and when we’re more experienced and comfortable with the trading we can always add more money later.


  1. Open another broker account so that we can trade those.


We know we need a different broker account as the basic share investing type of brokers in the UK do not provide forex or options services.

 We have decided to look at fxpro as that has come recommended by a couple of people, we know it can trade all the different types of assets like currency, options

and commodities - and that seems a good enough place to start.

We’ll get that done and then October is the month we start to learn to trade more actively.


Exciting times!