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Now you may have already noticed that I'm not really a fan of new years resolutions and that's because my belief is that all the wonderful people that I have the pleasure of working with are setting new years resolutions EVERY DAY of their lives because they are all people passionately involved in personal development and financial growth not just today or for one week in January but for each and every day of this year, and next year and forever.

For myself I know that my wealth has come gradually and organically: there never was any major or cataclysmic change in my life that took me from poverty to wealth, it was an evolutionary thing - which is how I know that you can do it too.

Wealth is a matter of changing your finances little by little, with small amounts of money which put into a compounding environment. You make small reductions in expenses here and there, invest money regularly, start a passive income source, and move yourself off down the road to financial freedom. You then constantly question your beliefs and behaviours towards money, make more small changes (which compound on your other small changes), make more radical moves, invest in property and realise that you are on the motorway to big financial changes.

Although the start of any financial freedom is never the 1st January, I know that one-day you will make one small change that will make a difference to you and then you just build on it every day taking baby steps of change every day, until eventually you reach your goal.

Sometimes the steps are easy and sometimes the decisions are hard but I know that in order to keep moving we have to keep taking some action otherwise we stand still and the world moves past us.

I beg you then to not make a new year resolution that is broken three days later. But I do beg you to set a resolution to do something about your wealth TODAY, and then tomorrow set another 'new years resolution' and do something else, and the day after do something else and the day after something else, and the day after ..............