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What does the general election mean for the UK property investors?

Well we’ve woken up this morning to an amazing result in politics – and that’s the confirmation that the British people don’t like any of the parties enough to let them govern – and quite right too! We are now in a very odd period of political history where no-one has the mandate to decide or implement anything – every poll we have from Brexit to the general election is won or lost by only handful of votes – and so nothing can – or will be done as a result.

There will be no radical improvement to the NHS or major housing plan because no party has the mandate to do so. However, the election results endorses everything we teach at Fielding Financial which is self reliance and self responsibility. There is NO-ONE empowered to help any person or sector of our society apart from ourselves. We are certain to be heading for yet another general election far sooner than anyone of us would hope but nothing significant will change – so WE have to change.

We have to take charge of our own medial care, our own education and our own housing needs: we need to provide for ourselves and our financial futures. We also have to do the jobs that no government appears to be able to: and specifically private landlords are set to be the biggest provider of housing in the UK within a very short while: that’s a huge task but we, as a group, are perfectly poised to take on that challenge.

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Interesting the Tory Housing Minister, Gavin Barwell, lost his seat – I think that says all we need to know about what the UK thinks of the current housing policies!