Are You Desperatly Saving and Getting No Where?

Are you desperately trying to save for your financial future? But the numbers in your savings account simply aren’t going up enough? Gill has the solution that could help you…

Gill has always said, for the price of a cup of coffee you could become financially free and have a 100% chance of becoming wealthy in your lifetime!

By investing a little of the money, you spend or as Gill would say ‘waste’ each month on incidentals. You could make a significant difference to your financial lives over time.

So, Gill’s advice is, if you saved just £13 a week, that’s £1.85 a day.That’s barely even the price of a coffee these days, from the ages of 18-65 into an investment fund. One that produces 11.7% return (12% to make it simpler) you will end up with £1,225,514 and 31p!

Wow. After seeing those figures, could you live without your daily cappuccino? I think I can!

And we aren’t the only ones saying this, The Times’ headline recently was ‘Why get an Isa: you can dream the impossible £1 million dream’. The article focuses on why we should start saving now. It’s never too late to make a start on building towards your financial future and saving into an ISA can soon add up. But you need to have patience.

However ISA’s aren’t the only way you can start saving for not only your financial freedom, but the financial freedom of your family. If you start saving for them from the day they are born, they could be financially free by the time they are 18 (but that is another story).

By investing your money into an investment fund. You can make a return on your money that is even more rewarding than an ISA. To learn the basics, follow Gill’s Cappuccino Factor and see the results for yourself.


It has become easier than ever to start investing. If you want to start small try an app like ‘MoneyBox’ that allows you to round up your spare change on purchases and invest that. You don’t have to do anything as the app does it all for you. You can even choose how risky you want to be with your money!

So, invest your money, allow it to build for as long as possible and watch it grow!

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