“At last, the self-made rich triumph over old money”

‘The Rich List is 30 — and how Britain has changed. In 1989, our inaugural guide to wealth was dominated by the landed gentry. Three decades on and it’s the self-made at the top of the tree’ – Robert Watts

According to the 2018 Times Rich List apparently 94% of our wealth now comes from the self made rather than the inherited.

That’s an amazing stat and as you all know I used to compare the 1989 (when the Rich list started) list to the 25th anniversary edition in 2013  – because in 1989 75% of our wealth was inherited and only 25% self made. By 2013 that stat had reversed with 75% self made and only 25% inherited

And now it’s 94% self made and only 6% inherited.

Bang goes the excuse that if you’re not born with it, you’ll never be wealthy!


But how do you create your own wealth?

Hitting the top market is … Property followed by Finance and Investment (The Times Rich List).

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Gill Fielding

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