Buy-to-Let news: 2020 options set to reinvigorate the buy-to-let market

Over the last few years the number of private landlords has been slowly decreasing. In the news, this exodus is being chalked down to tougher legislature, but the fact that professional property investors have been unaffected by these changes shows that when done properly investing is still a viable wealth creation tool.

An auxiliary affect of the large amount of amateur landlords leaving the field is that it has provided a lot more opportunities for professionals.

The first is that mortgage brokers have had to lower their rates and expand their offerings providing investors many more options when borrowing for property.

Second, prices are still relatively low as sellers have been struggling to find buyers over the last couple of years.

Finally, there is higher rental demand than ever, many people desperately need housing but with less landlords and a government unable to keep up we need new investors to fill the void. So, now maybe one of the best times in recent years to start property investing.

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