Cheap Buy-to-Let Mortgages

On the surface when looking at the uncertainty in the property market, or the economy as a whole, it may look like a bad time to start new financial ventures.

However, as many of you may have heard before, when everyone else is fearful is when we should be most confident. Today we are going to cover why that is, especially in regard to the property market. Currently the property market is experiencing a bit of a summer upturn but in recent months we have seen a few ups and downs as Brexit uncertainty affects sentiment. A big feature of the current market is that fewer people are buying, both for living and for investing, and so by extension there are fewer people borrowing.  

The biggest effect this recent inactivity has is on the mortgage industry as there is no one to lend to. Providers are now having to drop their rates as they have lots of money to give. This is the benefit of being confident when others are not. It doesn’t sound like such a bad time to invest now that you know there are companies out there desperate to lend you the money to do so. Moneyfacts’ recently published some of these lower rates and so we thought we would extend the information onto you. These are shown in the picture below.  

Make sure you check out their website for more information as it is clear there are some really good deals out there. This information coupled with some really great returns published by landlords in the North and West of England are signs that things of a good time to start. If you are uncertain about whether to start or if you already have a few properties but are unsure whether to continue hopefully this will convince you otherwise. However, it is vital you do your research, recent legislature changes and this changeable market sentiment means that it can be more complicated than ever without the right information. If you want to learn how to find the best property to invest in then come to one of our seminars or 3-day courses. For further reading follow the links below. 

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