Cheap Ways to Increase Property Value

Over the last few months whenever we’ve discussed ways to increase property value we’ve generally covered expensive means. This article however aims to come up with some easy and cheap methods that we can do ourselves. As we all know a big part of selling a house is presentation and these tips all show how making small changes to the look of a property can greatly affect its value. So, let’s get right to it.

One important feature that can be added to any property is to make it seem open. When a home feels open it can suggest more space and increases the property’s potential for a buyer. There are a few easy jobs that can add this feeling. The first is obvious, and that is just to clean! If the home is messy then it can feel much smaller, this point also includes decluttering, making the beds and removing unnecessary furniture. Another quick thing that can be missed is to open all the curtains.

Give the property an open feel

A recent Express article brought up some other interesting ways to give a property an open feel. They recommend moving bins away from the front of the house either to the back or side. Also, to move any cars from the front of the house. As you can see it is particularly important to free up the front of the house. People will see the property both at visits and in photos so make sure to follow these points both at viewings and when the photographer comes around.

There are also some aesthetic changes that can be made on the cheap. First are some DIY tasks to make the house look nice like a fresh coat of paint and smaller repairs like filling holes in the walls. Also, some outdoors jobs like cleaning the gutters and mowing the lawn will make the property more attractive. These points can add small amounts of value to a property but making sure features like thermostats are up to date can add a lot cheaply.

This week ‘Location, Location, Location’ presenter Phil Spencer also gave a tip that can add thousands in value. He states that simply by giving a house a name will increase the price by up to £5,000. Naming properties is associated with large upper-class manors and so can add a fancy aesthetic to any property. The best part about it is that it is completely free. You must contact the local council who will in turn check with the post office that the name isn’t already taken, if that is the case, they will then approve it. As the name can’t already be used it also can make your property unique and more desirable. Read that article here.

So, in summary it’s time to get that vacuum out!

We know a lot of these are obvious but hopefully there are some outside the box ideas here too. If you want to learn how to get the best out of property then come on one of our Free Property Investing Seminar.

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