Did you know that nearly two-thirds of UK homes ‘fail on energy efficiency targets’?

In April of this year all properties used for rental purposes will have to have an energy efficiency rating of E or above. This is all part of the government’s long-term goal to get all homes up to C by 2035. The next step in this progression will be moving this minimum rating from E to D in 2030. Recent research has found that two-thirds of housing falls under the ultimate goal of C. 

So, if one of your properties will have to be changed to make meet the minimum this April, it may be worth getting it up to at least a C rating, especially if you plan to be in this for a long time as it could save you money in the long run. As this research suggests inefficient homes are more common than you think so if you are unsure about your rating then it is important you check particularly with the April deadline fast approaching.




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