DIY Jobs That Can Devalue A Property

When undertaking DIY as part of property development, it goes without saying that you will be completing work to add value to the property. There are many different jobs which you can undertake, from simple redecorating work to completely refurbishing a house – the possibilities are endless. Almost everything that you do will have an affect on the price you end up selling the property for. 

Of course, when working in property development, it is also important to remember that some of the DIY jobs you undertake will actually devalue your property too. It goes without saying that it is essential you’re making the right decisions regarding DIY. Therefore, to help anyone wondering which jobs they should avoid, our team here at Fielding Financial have put together a list of the jobs to potentially avoid when trying to increase the value of a property. 

Knocking through rooms 

Whilst it can be tempting to make the rooms in your property bigger by knocking walls through, it isn’t always the best decision. Often in property development, people want to make a house look as big as possible, but if this comes at a cost of reducing the number of rooms it isn’t worth it. 

For example, on average you can expect to get more for a 3 bedroom house with slightly smaller bedrooms than a 2 bedroom house with a big master bedroom. Buyers often search for properties by the number of bedrooms too, so you can end up limiting yourself. 

Converting a garage 

It has become a bit of a trend to convert a garage. People often turn this, what is sometimes considered wasted space, into a gym or a home cinema – but it is safe to say that this isn’t to everyone’s taste. 

When undertaking DIY jobs, you want to make sure they are things that the majority of people will like. So, considering that most people searching for a home with a garage want to be able to use the space for what it is traditionally designed for, don’t convert it. 

Painting the exterior 

diy jobs that can devalue a propertyOf course, it is important to ensure that the exterior of a property looks attractive to potential buyers and it is worthwhile spending some time working on the exterior of a house. That being said, a DIY paint job is not the way to go. 

Not only will tatty flakey paint give off a bad first impression, but if you choose the wrong colour then this can automatically put people off the property too. So, always take a look at other alternatives to paint when looking to work on the exterior. 

Using too much wallpaper

When working in property development and changing a property’s interior design, it is important to think of making it into a ‘move-in ready’ home. For this reason, we would recommend that you avoid using too much wallpaper. 

There is no denying that wallpaper is notoriously difficult to remove and if you have used it in almost every room, this can become quite off-putting to potential buyers. It is always much safer to stick to paint and neutral colours. 

Laying carpet over hardwood floors

Often, when doing up a property, developers will completely rip up all flooring before redecorating. Whilst this is normal, you do need to think very carefully about the type of flooring you put back down when you have finished. 

Whilst carpet has been a classic choice for many years, it can actually devalue a property. Not only is a carpet quite a personal choice but it can also quickly show wear and tear. It is also becoming much more common for people to prefer hardwood flooring too. 

Bad DIY jobs

It goes without saying that any bad DIY jobs will automatically devalue your property. If you’re unable to complete something to the high standards required, simply don’t do it yourself. You can almost guarantee that you would be better off not doing something, rather than doing it badly. 

Ensuring you don’t devalue your home

Now that you’re aware of some of the most common DIY jobs that can devalue a property, it is best to avoid them. When working in property development, ensure you stick to DIY jobs that you know will add value and make sure that you do your research before making any big changes. You can guarantee that you will thank yourself in the long run. 

If you would like to find out more about property development and expand your knowledge in this regard, please visit the Fielding Financial website today. We can provide you with a range of property investment online courses that will all help you learn the right strategies to turn a profit. To find out more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team, we will gladly discuss these courses with you further. 


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