Go Green! How to Make Properties into Eco-Homes

Last week was Earth Day and it gave us a bit of inspiration about what topic we’ll cover this week. We know that many of you will already be in action when it comes to making buildings more environmentally friendly. However, when looking over the news in recent weeks we found a few tips that we hadn’t heard of and hope they will give you some ideas too. The Times article detailed how to make old build houses not just as efficient as new-builds but more so. These new types of homes are called ‘Eco-Homes’. Unsurprisingly, but the most interesting thing about them is how much they can increase the value of a home and how much their eco-friendly features can save money. 

We all know the importance of good insulation and double glazing when preserving energy. Which is something we may have to add when buying an older building. If a building is particularly attractive or has unique external features. Its value can be preserved better by fitting the insulation internally. Blown insulation works particularly well for old buildings as it fills in the draughtier open spaces common in these types of properties. This article details how some of the most efficient insulation’s, including blown ones, on the market are made of 100% recycled materials such as newspapers. So that’s an added bonus!  

Save money on energy bills too

Making this much of a change can be expensive to a home so if you need to prioritise one space to insulate then the loft or roof of a property is the most important as heat rises. If a property you own isn’t particularly attractive external insulation is cheaper and might not affect the price of the home. Upgrading double-glazing to triple-glazing can also take the efficiency up a notch quickly and easily. Draft proofing all doors in the home is also a simple fix but can be overlooked. When done properly these features can keep a property a constant temperature all year round without a central heating system and keeping the unique appearance of an old home. The best part is that these will also save money on energy bills so may pay for themselves in the long run. 

All appliances have a efficiency rating 

Another feature of the home mentioned in the article is solar panels on the roof which power most of the lighting and appliances in the house. One of these appliances is a smart water tank, this only heats up the amount

of water required saving both energy and water. Make sure the water tank is well insulated too as well as the water pipes. Other ways to save water include fitting a home with a dishwasher. These use less water are more energy efficient than washing by hand they can also add value. Low-flow shower heads can be fitted to bathrooms to limit water use while still having a powerful shower. These are relatively cheap and can pay for themselves quickly. All appliances nowadays are given an efficiency rating. Ensuring these are all above an A rating will help.  

Many of these were news to us so I hope you’ve learnt some new energy and money saving techniques. This article is in two parts. The other detailing how being more energy efficient can save money in other aspects of your life. So feel free to check that out next week. And if you want to learn how to start investing in property then come along to one of our Free Property Investing Seminars.

https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/go-green-ways-to-save-the-planet-and-money-czkztvtn5 Read this article for more tips on going green.


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