HELP! Call the Style Police

Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen is on the rise again

I read in the Sunday Times (6th December) that Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen (LLB) is on the rise again and predicting an increase in demand for Laura Ashely and William Morris style prints. He plans to open his own shop stocking over 2,000 different wallpaper prints. Oh dear. LLB has fallen in love during lockdown with re-decoration and has ditched the ‘beige’ and has returned to a more colourful existence and he suggests lots of other people feel the same and are decorating their homes with personality and colour.

Having once bought a house decorated in LLB style, I can tell you it gave me headaches until I had covered all the reds, oranges and purples with a more soothing neutral colour scheme. It’s all about taste obviously but that’s the challenge. It’s unlikely anyone else will like your red walled, blue ceilinged master bedroom and if you try to sell it, you’ll have to reduce the price and you’ll find it harder to sell as most people can’t see past the pink. I guess if it’s your forever personal home then you can decorate as you like but for anything else neutral is still best otherwise you’ll struggle to sell or rent the property.

There’s a reason that all new build homes are decorated in ‘beige’ – it sells!!! LLB is most often described as ‘flamboyant’ and I love his uniqueness and passion – but flamboyance isn’t what the rest of us want. Call the style police!

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