Home Improvements – Things To Do Now That Could Aid Your Investment

Currently, lots of people have more time on their hands than they usually would and you may be wondering how you can still be productive whilst in lockdown. If you’re considering selling your property soon, or you own multiple empty properties locally which you are preparing to resell or let out, then there is plenty that you can be getting on with whilst still abiding by all of the government’s guidelines. 

In order to make money from property investments, you don’t necessarily have to undertake huge changes and you will be surprised just how much of a difference some simple DIY jobs can make. So, to help anyone looking for things they can do right now to aid their investments, our team here at Fielding Financial has put together a list of easy home improvements you can undertake during lockdown. 

Spend some time in the garden

Thankfully, the weather has been lovely over the past few weeks so, why not get out in the garden? There are lots of little things that often get overlooked, such as weeding or painting the fence, and now is the perfect time to undertake these jobs. You can guarantee that having a nice outdoor space will add value to your home, so this is worthwhile doing. 

Swap the wallpaper for paint 

investment tipsIf you have ever stripped wallpaper before then you will understand just how much of a long winded process it can be. Often, buyers and renters will prefer natural colour paint over wallpaper, so take this time to strip the walls. Even if you’re unable to purchase paint right now, still strip the walls, you will thank yourself in the long run for undertaking this first step.  

Update easy to change fixtures 

The smallest changes can make such a big difference to a room and often simply replacing some fixtures can help you make money from your property investment. Take things like plug socket covers, curtain rods, lighting fixtures, door handles and cupboard knobs, for example – none of these are expensive and now is the perfect time to go round and change them. 

Replace your flooring 

This is a slightly bigger job, but if you’ve refurbished properties before then you may be able to do this now too. It isn’t uncommon for people to prefer hardwood floors over carpet these days so why not use this time to pull up your carpets and, if you can, lay some new flooring? You may even be able to restore the original hardwood floors lurking under your carpets too. 

Give the exterior some TLC

When spending time working on the garden, ensure that you look at the front of the property as well. Simply power washing your driveways and walkways, as well as cleaning your fascias and soffits, can give the property a new lease of life. You may find you need to redecorate the facade of the property too, but it is beneficial to wait and get a professional to do this for you. 

Undertake a deep clean

Whilst this may not fall under DIY, it is definitely something that you can do during lockdown. Many people don’t have time to undertake a deep clean regularly, so make the most of being able to now. Whether it is your own home or properties you’re selling or letting, try to clean the places you might not usually – such as your oven or the window sills and frames. 

Would you like to make money from property investments? 

Hopefully, during lockdown you will be able to undertake some of the simple DIY jobs mentioned above, they all have the ability to add value to your home and aid your current property investments. You can now spend your time effectively and ensure that you go on to make money from your properties when you’re able to sell them or let them out. 

If you would like some more tips on how you can make money from property investments, visit the Fielding Financial website today. We specialise in creating professional property investors and we offer several levels of training to help anyone in your position. Whether you’d like to expand your current general investment knowledge, or there are specific areas you’re interested in learning more about, we will do all we can to assist you on your property investment journey with our online courses.

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