How Much is Enough?

It has been reported that there is now over £9 trillion of housing stock in the UK. That sounds like such a huge amount doesn’t it? Written in full its 9,000,000,000,000 and it equates to about £130k of property per person.

The average property price is double that as we tend to live with others but it’s still a massive figure. HOWEVER, it’s not enough!! We have far too many people searching for their own home; on local authority waiting lists and homeless and estimates vary but we can accept it’s a million or two people living somewhere they don’t want to be and that’s a tragedy.

My very rough guess is that we need to double the that £9 trillion of housing stock to get everybody appropriately housed. The government make gestures every now and then to help ease the crisis but we need to be much more proactive and to a add a few more houses – and a few more zeros – to that massive figure.

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