Planning rules change – again!

Proposals for controversial planning reforms in England have been revised

It’s been reported on the BBC this morning that Conservative MPs are unhappy with the proposed new planning arrangements which are part of the governments plan to build an additional 300,000 homes per year.

The original plan had been to allocate build targets based on a mathematical model which would match where the demand was compared to supply. The rebel MPs now want allocation to be based on something more personal and although I can understand their mistrust of computer generated formulas we have to be sensible.

Houses are needed across the country and every area needs to create space for some developments. Most people want more housing to be available – as long as it’s not in their area!

Apparently the MPs want more housing to be built in the midlands and the north and possibly that’s part of the Conservative plan to create a level UK. However maybe their strategy needs to be slightly more sophisticated as 8 out of the 10 areas with the highest number of empty properties are in the Midlands and the North.

It’s a shame that any attempt to generate more housing is always met by this infighting amongst groups which results in the housing not being built – and meanwhile the empty northern properties are great refurb projects for property investors.

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