Property Investing is the Lockdown Winner!

I read in the Sunday Times (7th February 2021) that 41,700 buy-to-let limited companies were formed in 2020.

The second most common company founded during the pandemic — after companies selling goods online or by mail order.

That’s an amazing figure and it seems that many more people are turning to property investing as a way of securing their financial future than ever before.

It’s easy to see why. Property is one of the basics we all need (after oxygen and food and drink) and so there will always be demand.

It also appears that property has continued on its normal trending upwards journey throughout the pandemic so if anyone were worried about the vulnerability of their job or business then turning to property it a sensible idea.

Also even during 2020 rents rose by 4.1% (excluding London) during 2020 and that’s another strong sign of increasing demand. There are very few businesses able to provide that right now. What a winner!

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