Property Market Ignores Lockdown!

It’s interesting that when the first lockdown happened we all stopped and there was novelty value in it but now we’re onto our third (or is it fourth?) lockdown, people are much more creative about continuing their business as normal where possible.

And the property market is more resilient than most and the government have already said that the property market can stay open during this lockdown as they clearly want the property market to keep moving. So we can keep developing and buying and selling: there will be limits and distancing as expected but we can continue as normal.

Also many finance providers have said that they intend to keep going this time – although it might take a little longer to get a valuation done. For those people who already invest in property this is great news and for those people who currently aren’t property investors, now might be a great time to start – whilst you’re in lockdown from your other activities!

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