Property or Pension?

Property V Pension

Using property investing as a pension vehicle has some great advantages.

If done correctly, property investing can provide you with the monthly income and lifestyle you want to give up work… and STILL leave an inheritance for your children.

Often a traditional pension can be eroded over the years by inflation. The great thing about property is that if you set it up correctly and let’s say, you want to derive your income from it. You’ll discover that as the cost of living rises – so do your rents! By contrast if you were to link an annuity to inflation, it could cut your monthly income in half!

The other great thing about using property investing as a pension vehicle compared to a traditional pension is that as the value of your property increases over time you have an appreciating asset to leave to your spouse, your children and future generations. Compare this with a traditional annuity. Where, unless you accept a lower monthly income, when you die, your spouse is left to live on half the pension – with more or less the same outgoings. Certainly there would be nothing left for your children and future generations.

Using income from property as you move into retirement

Can leave your capital untouched and appreciating, your income keeping up with inflation, security for your spouse and a legacy for your children and future generations. Plus, if used in conjunction with an existing pension fund. This can act as a pension stabiliser giving you a more balanced portfolio.

Property investing has always been my passion… For over 40 years property has given me the financial and time freedom to do the things I want to do with my life. Many other people I know also have the freedom of not having to go to work. This is because they have sorted out the money side of their lives by investing in property. I have always wondered why it is that more people don’t invest in property. For me it is a no brainer! Speak to anyone at a party and invariably they will have a tale of a property they should have bought 5, 10, 15 years ago. How much it is worth now and how they could have retired on it!

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