The nation’s noses have spoken! We’ve found that baked bread (33%) is the most popular scent likely to encourage them to buy a house!

We all know that no matter how scent-free our homes seem to us, but someone else can walk in and instantly pick up on last night’s takeaway. The smell of your growing recycling bin or the litter box that no matter how much air freshener you use. The odour still lingers.

There’s always something. Even the fragrance products you use might strike guest as foul-smelling or worse believe that you are masking a pre-existing odor.

A recent survey by Air Wick looked at the nation’s noses and found baked bread the most popular scent
With a third (33%) selecting that homely aroma as the most likely to encourage them to buy a house. Fresh flowers (30%), clean sheets (23%) and a cake in the oven (20%) followed closely behind in the survey. Unsurprisingly – rubbish bins (24%), a wet dog (11%) and bin bags (11%) were voted the worst smells in the home and the most likely to put someone off buying.

The research uncovered that the smells that resonate with us Brits the most are the ones that we have emotional ties with.

People enjoy classic fragrances and scents that they know and love. With eight in ten admitting that a scent can make them happier. Brits say the smell of an open fire reminds them most of autumn or winter. While freshly cut grass in the garden is most reflective of spring or summer.

Scents like lavender and other more traditional fragrances have long been household favourites. However, more recently scents with a modern oriental twist have proved popular in the home.

So, if you are looking to sell read Air Wicks TOP 10: Scents To Help Sell Your House

But of course, a deep house cleaning will largely improve your properties scent profile and could increase your valuation (Baking bread valuation £625,000, Coffee valuation £607,287).

However, be careful that you don’t leave your home smelling of bleach or any strong scented fragrance products. And make sure to use neutral scented products or bake a fresh loaf of bread!

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