Reasons Why Investing In Property Is So Popular

From stocks and shares to investment bonds and ISAs, there are so many different ways that you can invest your money. As expected, all of these investment methods will have their own pros and cons and what is the perfect solution for one person may not be for another. This is often the way with investing, there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution and you may even use various different options over the years. 

Having said this, there is one way of investing that is an incredibly popular choice and often, it is people’s first choice when they have the money to be able to do so, investing in the UK property market. If you’re wondering why this particular type of investment is so commonly chosen by investors, keep reading today. Our team here at Fielding Financial have put together a list of reasons why investing in the UK property market is so popular. 

Lots of different ways to invest

Whether you choose a buy-to-let property or you develop a run-down property, there are lots of different ways you can invest in the UK property market. Within this one type of investment alone you have various options and once you have learnt about the property industry/market, you may even be able to dabble in and benefit from more than one type of investment. 

why investing in property is so popularMinimal risks when compared to other options

If you have been looking into investing then you will know that all types of investments have risks and it isn’t uncommon for these to be what puts people off investing altogether. Thankfully, when investing in the UK property market, your risks aren’t as high and they can be managed. You can choose just how much of a risk you want to take during the process. 

Easy to gain on your investment

Investing in property is known for being one of the easiest ways to make money on an investment. Depending on the type of property investment and whether you invested with or without a mortgage, you may even begin to make money immediately without having to do much at all. It is much easier than you may realise to gain on a property investment.

Your time commitment is flexible

Depending on the type of property investment you make, different time commitments are required. For example, developers make property investing a full-time job whereas turnkey investors might simply do this on the side. You can choose just how much time you’re going to put into investing in the UK property market. 

More than one way to earn a profit 

Often, people turn to property investments because they have more than just one way to make a profit on a single property. When you invest in a buy-to-let, you can benefit from rental yield, money made from rent (minus maintenance and running costs), as well as capital growth, the increase in the value of the property over time. 

The investment is in your hands 

When you invest in property, you are much more in control than you are with lots of other investments. You will decide which properties to invest in, how much to spend on development, how much rent to charge, etc. Whilst the ever-changing market trends may play a role in your investments, the majority of the control is in your hands. 

Investing in the UK property market

Ultimately, there is no denying that if you’re looking for a good way to invest then you should consider one of the many different options that you have with a property. Take some time to do your research and get to know a little bit more about the ways you can invest in property to find out which would be best for you. Of course, as mentioned above, you have lots of options, so there is likely to be the perfect solution for everyone. 

If you would like to find out more about investing in the UK property market, please visit the Fielding Financial website. We have a range of online courses, such as our Property Bootcamp course, that are all perfect if you’re looking to expand your knowledge in this regard. You can rely on our courses to cover all of the basics, so you will have everything you need to start investing in the UK property market confidently. 

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