Social Media Marketing for Landlords

We have previously spoken about some of the innovative methods people have been going about the property transaction process in lockdown. One of these techniques that has become quite common is virtual house tours. These can be posted on property information or estate agent’s websites but, as the attached article shows, one of the most effective ways to get attention for your property is to put these tours on social media. Videos on platforms like Facebook have been racking up thousands of views which acts as a great confirmation that making deals online can be equally as viable as in person. In fact, we can only dream of getting this many viewers to see one of our property even if only a portion of these views are viable buyers/ tenants. This can also show us how the market has rebounded so well even though many lockdown restrictions are still in place. When considering an agency to help with your next deal consider how heavily they utilise social media as it has gained added significance in recent months.

45,000 viewings of an open house video on Facebook




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