The Benefits of Supported Living Property Investing

In property investing, investors typically invest in a range of different strategies. For those considering supported living as a new strategy for their property business, our team have compiled some of the benefits of investing in this strategy.

  • Long term investment

Supported living properties typically have long leases, which provide you with a guaranteed income. This means you can plan for the future, as well as the potential capital uplift of a property.

  • Stable demand

Tenants living in supported living properties want to call their house a home, and usually stay there for an average of 10 years.

  • Passive income

This is one of the closest strategies to achieving passive income you can get. If you decide to let out your property to a registered provider, many look after the property maintenance and regulations themselves, so this is a fantastic strategy for generating an additional income with a hands off approach.

  • Happy tenants

This is in no doubt, one of the biggest benefits of investing in supported living accommodation. Providing vulnerable tenants with good quality and comfortable homes unique to their needs and care provisions is sure to mean you have happy tenants.

  • No Voids

Supported Living properties typically have very low void periods as they are normally leased to a registered provider instead of the tenants themselves.

  • Avoid letting agents fees

You won’t have to pay letting agent fees. Many registered providers will also cover maintenance and small repair costs as well as general up-keep.


Want to learn more? If you’re interested in learning more about Supported Living as a Property Investment Strategy, take a look at our brand-new online course with Lisa Brown and learn how to implement this exciting new strategy.

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