The Future Of Property Investing

Buying an investment property has been one of the most popular ways to invest for many years now and people are wondering whether the current COVID-19 pandemic has changed the popularity of this type of investment. It goes without saying that, like many other industries, the property industry has been affected by the pandemic but, thankfully many estate agents and solicitors have continued to work in some way or another throughout this time.

Now that many of the lockdown restrictions are being lifted here in the UK and as the country begins to return to ‘normal’, many investors are wondering what the future holds for property investing. Whether you’re wanting to invest in property for the first time or you would like to expand upon your current investment portfolio, keep reading today. Below is everything you need about the predicted future of property investing.

Changes in property prices

There are pros and cons to the prices of the UK property market changing and it goes without saying that many property investors will be worried about the lower property prices due to COVID-19. However, even if the price of property does fall, is it likely that buying an investment property will still be a wise investment.

As you’re probably aware, property is a long-term investment and this means that the current market situation doesn’t necessarily dictate how your investment will pan out in the future. Many property experts are predicting that the dip in property prices won’t last for long and therefore, buying an investment property sooner rather than later will be more beneficial.

Changes in property locations

Many people are now realising that they can work from home and lots of businesses are assessing the way that their companies will run post-lockdown. This, in turn, is likely to have an effect on the property market and we can expect to see people searching for properties that are further from city centres.

Whilst this may not necessarily be a long-term change and depending on how companies proceed to run, people will most certainly be thinking more about where they can live if working from home more often. All investors should bear this in mind that this may go on to change the gap in property prices from the city centres and rural areas. So, it may be best to invest now whilst properties in rural areas are still good value for money.

Changes in property requirements

As well as people considering moving out of city centres due to being able to work from home, many will also be looking for bigger homes. Property experts have found that as we come out of lockdown buyers are wanting spare rooms for office space and also big gardens to enjoy with their family and friends.

Again, this might not be a long-term change and we may find that over time if people move back into the city, their requirements will change again. However, for now, when buying a property it is worthwhile considering what buyers are searching for and how you can ensure you’re able to meet their requirements.

Changes in property demand

There is no denying that there has always been a high demand for property here in the UK and many are continually searching the private property sector for affordable housing. However, the demand may change due to COVID-19. For example, it is likely that as people are unable to get high loan-to-value mortgages, many will be searching for rented accommodation instead.

Of course, due to extended restrictions in regard to travelling abroad, we are also likely to see a change in demand in relation to properties available for short-term rent here in the UK. When buying an investment property, it is worth considering what the demand will be in relation to the specific location you’re investing in.

Buying an investment property

Ultimately, whilst there is no way to predict the future and know for certain what will happen to the housing market in the next year or so, it is fair to say that buying an investment property still is and will always be worthwhile. Whether you’re interested in a buy to let investment, serviced accommodation, houses of multiple occupancies, property flipping or any other type of property investment, you can trust that the property market is always a great place to invest.

If you’d like to find out more about buying an investment property and the best property investments to make, visit the Fielding Financial website today. A lack of knowledge and confidence holds many people back from taking the plunge into investing in property and here at Fielding Financial we can provide you with everything you need to make the first steps in this regard. Please feel free to browse our website today to find out more and if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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