The Shed makes a comeback

The Shed makes a comeback

Although we were very poor when I was a child we still had a shed. It had left over tins of paint, bits of wood, old tools and stuff and I’m not sure my Dad ever went in it but it was a hidey hole and a secret den for me and my brothers.

And now the shed is making a comeback – but these are ‘posh’ sheds for the more wealthy. As more and more people work from home they are buying sheds to turn into home offices, recording studios, zoom rooms, writing rooms or bolt holes.

Online shed seller Waltons has seen a 300% jump in demand. And since March, when millions of workers were told to work from home if they can, the Posh Shed Company in Herefordshire, has had to take on three extra staff to meet a surge in demand. Their sheds can cost up to £20,000 and the “unbelievably posh shed”, is fully insulated, double glazed and can be fitted with heating.

It doesn’t surprise me that this has happened. There’s something rather nice and comforting about being solitary, small and self contained (a reason why beach huts are so popular) and it establishes a boundary between work and home.

According to Savilles the estate agent, 57% of people are asking for this type of space in their property searches. The shed is the room of the future!

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