Top Seven Tips for Goal Setting and Achieving in 2021

Dreams are for those who sleep

I’m always amazed by people who dream big and act small. I call it the wish upon a star crowd (fairies optional). They wish their life was better, that they were slimmer, that they have a new partner and they dream for a different, financially free life where they live a life of choice. Remember that you only dream when you’re asleep and that’s where dreams live and exist – they’re not real and they don’t change your life.

Some folks wish and dream but do nothing and then get frustrated when nothing changes for them. Occasionally they take it up a gear and set a new year’s resolution. This is slightly better as the resolution is normally something like: I’m going to lose a stone; I’m going to join a choir; I’m going to join a gym or I’m going to review my finances, but sadly this still isn’t good enough because it isn’t a specific targeted goal that you and your subconscious can start working on.

I’ve always liked goals. It’s probably something to do with being a football fan but if there were no goals in football nobody would ever win or lose and every game would be a stalemate and nothing would ever happen. Most people’s lives are like that. they have no goals, and consequently their life is a stalemate and nothing ever happens. What a disaster. Surely nobody wants a life like that? Most people want something better or more than they have and it’s all within their grasp if only they set an appropriate goal to achieve.

So here are my top seven tips for goal setting – and achievement – in 2021

1. Get real. If you’re already 63 then you’re not going to start a new career as a ballet dancer or professional footballer now. Set yourself a goal that stretches you and research tells us that people are much more likely to achieve goals and be satisfied with them if the goal is slightly beyond their normal boundary of activity. Don’t make the goal too simple or too hard – just a little bit challenging is best.

2. Be CLEAR. Identify exactly what you want and by when. Be exact, be pedantic, put it in your diary, phone and on your wall! If it’s weight gain or loss state the exact amount and the exact date by which you want to be there. If it’s a monetary thing again identify exactly how much you want per month – or overall – and by when. Put a date on it that’s relevant to you – a birthday or anniversary – as that will help you put importance and significant to it.

3. Tell people.  What your goal is and ask them to help you achieve it. Telling others demonstrates a level of commitment that should take you further than just a new year’s temporary motivation. Motivation is temporary but commitment is long term. Telling others makes you and them realise that it’s a serious thing and you will feel a plonker then if you don’t achieve it. Be proud and shout it loud!

4. Imagine your goal as a ladder.  The final outcome at the top and now fill in the gaps – or rungs – of the ladder to get there. What are the steps you need to take? You won’t be able to go from nothing to something in one massive leap – unless you’re superman of course – so think about the stages you need to get to and again put dates on those. These staging posts will also give you something to celebrate along your journey and make you feel like you are getting somewhere.

5. Repeat and remind yourself of the goal as much as possible. Write it, draw it, repeat it and get it into your head. Think about it first thing in the morning and again last thing at night – and then your subconscious can work on it whilst you’re asleep. When you wake you may have a solution to a part of the goal that has been holding you back.

6. Take a breather occasionally. Every month or week sit back and look at your goal again and see how far you’ve come – or not. The earlier you spot ‘issues’ then the easier they are to resolve. If you leave it until late then the correction or remedy is too massive to contemplate. Say you have a goal to gain £500 per month in 6 months and you only review that goal after 5 months to find you’ve not gained any money yet. Gaining the lot in one month is not only impossible – but likely to be dangerous! If you review that goal after 2 weeks and you’ve not gained any money then it’s a simple, and small, issue to get yourself back on track.

7. Celebrate! When you’ve achieved that goal then celebrate and congratulate yourself. Put as much emotional energy into that celebration as you can because that makes it more satisfying for you and you’re more likely to set another goal and keep going. Many people only get emotional with failures and that’s what they then remember – the failure!

After a while of goal setting it will become part of your life and you will want to set more and more goals as your life changes for the better. No one wants a stagnant or aimless life – we all feel better if we’re moving forward and going somewhere purposeful.

Being successful is exciting and joyous and we all like that – and want more of it. Make sure you get your fix and set a couple of decent goals for 2021 and move yourself closer to happiness, freedom and success.

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