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Charity Work

Our chosen charity for 2015 is “MENCAP”

Gill has personally supported MENCAP for many years and has a close personal reason for being involved.

I’ve always been involved one way or another with Mencap as my elder brother Raymond was born completely mentally handicapped and has a mental age of about 3 months. From the day I was born he was always there so I never thought his abilities or behaviour were anything but ‘normal’ but as he got older and more difficult to handle he sadly went into 24 hour care. And that was a difficult time for my parents who couldn’t quite get to grips with the bureaucracy or the authorities to be really assertive about where Raymond was placed.

But assertiveness is my ‘special skill’ and when I met Lord Brian Rix in business in the 1980s (when he was also President of Mencap)  my brothers life changed for the better. Brian helped me to play the system to get Raymond the best possible care – and that worked! Raymond is now in a wonderful care in the community environment where he is properly supported to live the best possible life he can – and that’s all due to Mencap and the help they gave me many years ago with Raymond.

As a charity, they do some amazing work, and Lord Rix in particular has dedicated his life to making a difference for any person with learning difficulties – and I’m honoured to say that he has become a lifelong personal friend – and he and Mencap have helped to make Raymond’s life the best it can be – and my whole family is incredibly grateful for that. Mencap will always have my personal support whenever I can give it, as a consequence.

Wishing you wealth, health and happiness


Activities and support for MENCAP during 2015 include:

Anna Cox’s Bike Ride from London to Paris has so far raised £1,980.00 for MENCAP. Read more about Anna’s efforts

Gill, the team and our students are passionate about making a difference in the communities we live and work in. Please read our amazing stories.

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