Discover the Power of Property Investing

Property investing and making money through property has long been proven to be one of the best wealth creation strategies known to man. Think about anyone you recognise as being financially wealthy – they all have property – property really is key to increasing your own personal wealth.

As we acknowledge property as a key wealth strategy the big secret to life long success though is doing it properly. As much as you can make money from property (and we all do) you can also lose money from property (which we never do). It makes perfect sense that if you are going to do something lifechanging then put simply – do it properly. And the secret to getting property right is EDUCATION!

Here at Fielding Financial we have dedicated decades to creating ethical and successful property investors. We aren’t about the hype we are all about delivering training which is tailor made to your hopes and dreams and delivered in a way that suits you. Whether you like to learn in person face to face or live online or even in your own time in the comfort of your own home – here at Fielding Financial we have tailormade solutions just for you.

So take a look and start your property future today!

2 Hours


Free Introduction Property Investing Seminars

Our FREE in person live seminars are a brilliant introduction to property investing especially if you are a beginner. Curious but you don’t know where to start? Then spend a few hours with our experienced team getting to know the real secrets to property investing and looking at property investing as a source of considerable income. Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and take some time to talk to the team, ask questions and learn about their incredible achievements.

1.5 Hours


LIVE Property for Beginners Online Workshops

Are you a budding property investor and don’t quite know where to start? Our FREE Live online “property for beginners” workshops are jam packed with valuable property information and education. Learn from the experts – decide whether this is for you or not. Tune in live from the comfort of your own home and hear about how property can transform your life – yes actually transform your life. You will also get the chance to ask questions at the end of the workshop – it's interactive, it's informative of and did we mention – its FREE!

1 Hours


On-Demand Introduction to Property Investing Webinar

Gill Fielding is one of the UK’s most prolific property investors, property mentors and wealth trainers. Gill’s great wealth has been created by property. We are delighted to offer you this FREE online webinar “property investing for beginners “ hosted by Gill Fielding herself.  There are lots of people popping up all over the internet who profess to be property investors with promises of making you a million in 12 months – but that is hype and its dangerous. If you want to learn from the most respected expert operating in the UK today then tune in to hear from Gill now.

What are the benefits of live virtual property investment courses?

Greater flexibility to choose where you learn and in a comfort of your choice

Save time travelling and money by staying at home

Offers more inclusivity for our learners