Gill Fielding Channel 4’s Secret Millionaire

Gill Fielding was famed for giving away nearly £250,000 to the families she met and the causes she supported and is still in contact to this day. Her acumen for saving, learnt as a child, was admired by viewers and placed her in the public eye as a financial expert.

Watch Gill’s Secret Millionaire episode in full below.

Gill describes this period as the ‘tipping point’. With renewed purpose Gill used the platform to talk about the importance of financial education and in turn has become a trusted household voice. This has led to a number of other appearances including Celebrity Egghead (BBC2); a guest at Hotel GB (Channel 4) and a business expert on The Apprentice – You’re Fired show (BBC2). As a financial commentator Gill has contributed to BBC, ITV, CNBC and the ITN and Channel 4 elections. Gill currently has a monthly phone-in show on BBC Radio called Wealth Wednesday.

In Gill’s spare time she enjoys spending time with her three children and extended family, dancing and visiting the theatre and well as reading everything from literature to development books.

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