Regeneration for Vacant Council Owned Homes

In these times of extreme property shortages, it’s good to see that local councils have now started to wise up and have introduced a right to regenerate and that means that we now have an opportunity to turn derelict and abandoned council owned property into dwellings or community spaces.

Although this is still under discussion, there are over 25,000 vacant council owned homes and according to recent FOI data, over 100,000 empty council-owned garages and that’s appalling with council housing waiting lists so long.

It’s disappointing that these properties aren’t being used for their intended purpose but of course, local councils don’t have the money to regenerate whereas property investors do!

For those investors who already have a good relationship with their local housing departments I suggest you get on the phone straight away and see what’s in your area.

This is a great opportunity to create a win-win for the local councils and yourself. Get some!

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Wishing you health, wealth and happiness,

Gill Fielding


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