This Week in Property: The Latest News (11th February 2022)

Take a look at what our CEO Gill Fielding has to say about this week’s property news…

Kirstie stirs the pot!

Kirstie Allsopp has been in the papers this weekend with an almost Norman Tebbit-esque ‘get on your bike’ type statement. According to Kirstie everyone could afford to get on the property ladder if they cut out coffees, gym memberships and Netflix (which on one level I agree with – if we cut out all unnecessary expenditure and invested that then we’d all be able to save a deposit) AND we were prepared to move to cheaper property areas – and that’s the part I have an issue with.

In the main cheaper properties are where there are less jobs or less well paid jobs so I’m wondering if she thinks we all need to move to an area of unemployment?

And there’s the challenge.

No one can get a mortgage if they don’t have a source of income or a job so it’s not as easy as it sounds. Theres no point living in a lovely property miles from anywhere if there’s no local source of employment and income.

Of course, many people would say that there are many jobs which you can now do online or virtually and so maybe this is a possibility. I think the overall message I take from Kirstie’s ‘pot stirring’ is that there will always be a way to get what you want if you decide to push the boat out and change your life to get it.

Olympic Obsession

I love watching all elite sports and I’m tuned into the current Winter Olympics as often as I can and what amazes me is the dedication and obsession of the Olympic athletes to go further, jump higher and go faster to the extent of anything else in their lives. Nothing else matters in their lives apart from training and practise.

I’m sure every waking moment is filled with their sporting performance and what they are doing – their focus is total. And I wonder how many of them are concerned about rising fuel prices or the increase in the cost of living or the base rate. Either none or close to none I guess. And isn’t that lovely?

They have a focus in their lives and whatever needs to get done to sort out their money gets done as part of the bigger, more positive focus of the Olympic dream. Their money challenges are the same as for the rest of us but it doesn’t become their obsession – or depression and I doubt it drags them down.

So develop an Olympic mentality today – have a big picture, a massive dream and an Olympic like obsession in your life and your mentality and positivity will change – and you’ll also start to achieve a more optimistic focus in your life.

Anyone lost their keys?

We’ve all experienced that panic when we can’t find our keys, or phone or purse but what if you’d lost a £13 million painting? That would send the panic into a different place I’m sure. Well a 16th century painting, the Pool of Bethesda by Paola Veronese has gone missing and was last documented in a Peterhead museum in the early 1900s. Now I don’t know what has happened to this painting but whether your assets are a few coins in a purse or a painting or property you always need to know where those assets are and you need to look after them. Most people don’t even know what they have and where their money goes each month mistakenly thinking that if you don’t have much then there’s not much point but we can all benefit from knowing what we have and what money comes in and out each month and that gives you a sense of positive control and reduces any panic you may feel of not knowing where your valuables are. It is so easy to lose small things like keys and to forget what we have but knowledge is power and gives you a sense of responsibility and control and from there we can increase our assets and grow our wealth and you can sleep easy at night knowing that you haven’t lost a £13 bank balance or a £13 million painting.

Am I bovvered?

Recently I met a colleague who had started in business at the same place and time as me and the difference between us was stark. I had gone onto be a high profile millionaire and he was still living in the same house and was still in the same job. He was clearly conscious of it: ‘I could have had money’, he said, ‘but I just couldn’t be bothered’. And that sadly is the view of most people. Most people dream of having money, of having a nicer home, more holidays and a better lifestyle but when it comes down to it people just can’t be bothered to make any effort or to take any relevant action towards that dream. And research from Which published today confirms that people are more likely to stay with their bank than they are their life partner. I can only imagine that’s because people can’t be bothered to research options available and to make the best choice for them despite the fact that switching banks is now very easy. But it’s not just bank accounts: most people don’t evaluate their monthly costs, they don’t check their credit score and they don’t take control of their money and then they lament that they don’t have enough cash. Well I can give anybody in that position some basic guidance – if you want a different outcome you have to take a different set of actions – and that starts with being bovvered about your finances and taking responsibility for change.

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