Weekly Wealth Round Up with Gill Fielding

Here’s what’s caught Gill Fielding’s eye in the media this week…

Rental shortages

I’ve just read a heart breaking story about a family who’ve had to move 8 times in 10 months as they waited for their new build home to be finished. They couldn’t find a permanent rental so have been in short term rentals for nearly a year. The article highlights the shortage of rental properties across Cornwall and the same situation is true over the rest of the country and agents everywhere are declaring shortages of rental properties. This is due to partly to the eviction restrictions which operate at the moment together with a shortage of properties overall coming to market as people stay still until the pandemic is over. But the situation just exacerbates our normal housing crisis – there isn’t enough and I’m desperately sad for these poor people who can’t find anywhere to live – either to buy or to rent.

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