The Greyhound by Gill Fielding – Listen Online

Would you like to enjoy financial freedom, security and abundance?
Would you like to attract money lots of money and have lots of fun helping it grow?
Would you like to feel fantastic about your financial health and well being? Then…                                                           

Gill Fielding the Secret Millionaire and Peter Thomas the UK’s leading strategist on business and personal growth are delighted to share with you an audio program for becoming and staying wealthy.

On this programme you’ll learn

  • How to redefine your associations regarding, wealth, scarcity and abundance, –
to easily attract more financial freedom and security
  • The Cappuccino Factor – that creates for you strong steady financial growth
  • How to get onto the fast lane of the Wealth Motorway
  • How to BABle
  • The Three Key Questions
  • The Magic Money Matrix and
  • How to shop for lots of Money
By Secret Millionaire and the UK’s Leading Wealth Creator

Gill Fielding

with Business & Personal Growth Strategist

Peter Thomson

Disc One – What is wealth?


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Disc Two – My Daughter Wanted A Pet


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Disc Three – The Slip Road


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Disc Four – The Wealth Motorway


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Disc Five – The Wealth Motorway Continues


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Disc Six – Putting It All Together



Supporting documents

The Cappuccino Factor

How To Turn Words Into Money

Greyhound Workbook

Income & Expenditure Template

Debt Prioritisation Template