Live Online Training

Access our award-winning training and trainers live ANYWHERE by signing up to our live virtual property investment courses UK!

We understand that as excited as you are about getting into property investing training with us you may prefer to start your learning from home or a place of your choice. This is why we have created live virtual learning opportunities with our property investment courses to ensure you can achieve your goals of becoming a successful property investor.

Our team of experienced trainers will connect with you via our online training platforms to deliver our accredited and award-winning training at our property investment courses UK.

6 Months


6 Months


6-Month Fast-Track Coaching Programme

If you are committed to becoming a property investor and want to benefit of an experienced mentor guiding you through your journey then our fast-track mentorship is for you. By the end of the 6 months training, you will have a clear strategy in place and hopefully your first deal done!

What are the benefits of live virtual property investment courses?

Greater flexibility to choose where you learn and in a comfort of your choice

Save time travelling and money by staying at home

Offers more inclusivity for our learners