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Our comprehensive range of online property investing courses provide a valuable resource for all property investors - from the novice to the most experienced. We cover everything from the basics of selecting your investment strategy all the way to advanced tax issues.

We also cover the essentials of being a Landlord, covering topics such as record keeping, legal and agreements and how to deal with Tax Advisors, Accountants and the Inland Revenue.

Why choose our online courses:

• They are video based so you can learn at a time and in a place that suits you.

• Each course comes with comprehensive downloadable workbooks and supporting material to work through while watching the video

• To add flexibility to your learning there is an audio version of the course available for you to download on to a cd or iPod so that you can make the most of your time when you are travelling by car, train or plane.

• You can pause at any time to enable you to learn in chunks that suite the time you have available.

• What’s more you can watch the courses over and over and use them as a reference manual to dip in and out of to find the facts you need at the time you need them.
The Fielding Financial team of online trainers and presenters are all highly experienced “been there, done that” property investors with multi-million pound portfolios or hand-picked experts in their subject specific professional fields.

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