Progress your property journey investing knowledge to the next level and become a professional property investor and landlord

Our Advance Training programme has been designed to educate and support whilst you build your property portfolio business all within our safe learning environment.

The programme includes live courses delivered by our team of successful and experienced property investors who will teach you our core strategies for income and capital generation along with essential finance solutions and the key principles required to set up and run your successful property business.

You’ll also get access to a library of specialist eLearning modules which cover a variety of income strategies including Serviced Accommodation and Student Housing along with the nitty gritty of understanding the Tax and Legal side of running your property business. Upon passing all your training and course materials you will be awarded a Fielding Financial Diploma in Professional Property Investing with units accredit by AQA examining board

Our Advance Training comes in two packages:

Choose to do your training over 24 months with our Advanced 24 programme or ‘fast track’ your education with our Elite option, designed to facilitate your journey to financial freedom over 12 months.

Elite Training

Elite training is a fast-track programme that will teach you everything you need to know in a year. You will also receive our flagship mentoring from day one and this support will be available for the twelve-month period. On finishing your course, you will be enrolled into the post-graduate programme for life at no additional cost.

Advance 2 Year Training

Advanced training takes place over a two-year period. You will also receive a five-month mentorship to support and guide you on your way. This will help you to set a strategy and hopefully see you purchasing your first property at the end of the period. Our Advanced Training programme is designed to fully educate you from newbie investor to confident professional property investor with all the knowledge you need to build a successful property business.


One of the key highlights of our training programme is the one to one mentorship which is a hand holding journey with an experienced mentor. Your mentor will help you decide on your strategy and will join you on your chosen investment location guiding you through the process of sourcing and buying your own investment properties.

Path to a Half – Property Investing Conference

Additionally, as part of our Advance Training packages you will also receive, key to your development our Path to a Half training days which will keep you motivated and up to date with all the latest investing strategies as well as being a fantastic opportunity to network with fellow students and trainers.

Learning Academy Support

As well as receiving your live and online training you will get immediate access to our Learning Academy Support where every month you will be able to access our webinars hosted by experienced property investors who will be sharing new strategies or revisit old ones, plus you get access to monthly podcasts and newsletters. Every week you get the opportunity to learn and stay motivated!

Our dedicated helpline is also there to support you, perfect for answering all your property investing queries or getting connections to our dream team.

For more information about our Advance Training please call the office on 01803 869869 or contact us here!