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The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

Oh boy do I love this book!! I first read it many years ago and have just re-read it – and re-read it twice actually (it’s a very quick read) and I’m also listening to the CDs of the book in the car – and I’m talking about it to anyone who will listen – so I have rally really got into this!
What surprises me is that I thought I knew this book. It’s about one of my most favourite things – compounding – and frankly I consider myself to be a compounding expert – but I clearly missed all the nuances when I first read it many years ago.
{this has led me to go rushing to my bookshelves for any book with a fine layer of dust on it as clearly I’m more ‘receptive’ now than when I first read all those wonderful personal development and financial development books when I first started my wealth creating ‘journey’! what a klutz I must have been to have seen only the surface issues}.
Anyway I digress. Back to the Compound Effect. What this book proves to us is that everything in our lives can be affected by compounding – whether it be money, or time, weight, friendship or even love. The examples are very well placed and there are exercises to do a along the way.
By the way I went to the website and downloaded all the suggested ‘freebies’ and they are free – I didn’t even have to leave my e-mail address.
I love the 1p illustration (ok so I know it’s a money based illustration – but they still capture most of my interest) an the concept that in the main the changes created by any compounding go unnoticed by the masses – until they are overwhelming, which leads on to the fabulous word commitment.
Hardy proves that any change is possible with very small steps applied regularly over time – and that ‘over time’ is the key. What that needs is perseverance and commitment – and for him:Commitment is doing the thing you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you.
I have to admit that this book has challenged me and forced me into a major rethink – my office layout and daily routine has been changed as a result – all I have to do is keep it up!!!
The main message for me is that greatness is caused not by doing 5,000 things well but by doing just one thing well - 5,000 times.

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