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Getting Started

Getting Started - Personal Development

The Service Station is the most important place for your wealth creation as it’s here that you rebalance your scales of abundance, you take stock and make sure you are going in the right direction and you look after your continuous on-going wealth and personal development education.

The Service Station is the place for you to

  • Get replenished with new ideas
  • Stock up on more education and knowledge
  • Get a bit of moral (or even financial) support
  • Work out how far you’ve come
  • Work out where you want to go next
  • Work out what you need in order to get there
  • See if there are any blockages in your way and plan around them
  • Work out if you are on target or ahead or behind

In fact you shouldn’t even leave the Service Station until you’re absolutely ready and you have all the information and support you need.

Start right here by checking out the Free Resources.- we have some great book reviews by GIll Fielding and her team or why not visit the Service Station Knowledge Base.