Personal Finance

Here you will learn about the ‘basics’ of financial management, from how to achieve stability and the steps and ideas behind creating wealth.

Start with the Wealth Motorway, this is an analogy for wealth creation. You’ll learn about the importance of the access lane and how to get you affairs in order. The three lanes represent property, investing and trading, and business, if you’ve tapped into each of these areas, you’ll be a sure-fire success and we are here to help you navigate each of these. Finally, you have the service station, this is the place to fill yourself up, where you develop and learn so you can get back on to your own wealth motorway knowing you are well equipped to deal with anything.

We’d also like to introduce you to our charity Money Mum; here you will be able to read about our recommended ‘financial five a day’ and the importance of each to an individuals or family’s financial security. This all ties in of course to building wealth for the future, including your pension and what you can leave to your family. Gill is the Property Pension Expert; download the guides and see how you can plan for your future by taking action today.

Finally, why not see how much you could be worth by clicking on here. The sliding scale puts your money into perspective and shows you how much your money could be worth if your started saving today…

We hope you find these tools useful.