Gill Fielding

‘To light the spark of financial possibility for as many people as I can get to in my lifetime’

Gill began her journey to financial freedom at the age of 19, by buying a small three-bed roomed semi in Sussex. Gill has now been investing for four decades and has gained masses of experience and perspective.

Throughout Gill’s wealth creating life she often had the idea of creating a ‘wealth collective’ group. As some things do, this became a reality through a sideways challenge. From this Fielding Financial was born. 

Gill firmly believes that a financial education is the right of everyone. With a basic understanding and a few money saving strategies anyone can embark on the path to financial freedom. Gill want’s for individuals to improve their financial situation now and for the future.

No matter your age or current financial situation, Gill has created the tools and guides to help you better your financial circumstances. From wealth creation to securing your future and pension, Gill has it covered.

Gill’s commitment doesn’t stop there, and that’s why the charity Money Mum was founded. Money Mum campaigns for change and aims to provide Britain’s families with their ‘financial five a day’. To learn more click here. 

If you’d like to learn more about your own personal finance, Money Mum, and Gill’s Wealth Motorway click here.

Gill is also a prolific writer and author, to purchase one of the ‘puzzle’ series books full of invaluable advice that is part-strategy part-guidance click here

As of 2019 Gill shows no-sign in slowing down and excelling in her personal mission to spark the light of financial possibility for as many people as she can get to in her lifetime.