Money Mum

‘Providing Britain’s families with their financial “5” a day’

Wealth isn’t about being born with it or without it, it isn’t about a great education or what you do in life. It isn’t necessarily about having common sense. It is about acquiring the skills and common traits that enables an individual to create wealth and build financial security. 

Money Mum was set up to help families in the UK achieve financial freedom. Our main objective is to help improve individuals understanding of their own personal financial management. Safeguard their financial future through teaching the ‘Financial 5 A Day’.

We understand that this doesn’t stop with the grown-ups, we believe that by providing sound financial advice from an early age this can help children to understand money better and instil good habits and values that can be taken forward into adulthood. 

The Money Mum charity is founded by Gill Fielding whose purpose in life is to help everyone. understand the principles behind the achievement of financial freedom. No matter their background. 

It’s a sad fact that most of the people in the UK today struggle with their money. There’s always to much month left over after the money has run out. We’ve identified 5 common traits that are important to securing financial stability. As a result this will ensure that we have more money than month left.

so, what are the Financial 5 A Day? 

  1. To be able to control your income and expenditure 
  2. Being able to manage and control debt 
  3. knowing how to budget effectively 
  4. Understanding the future value of money 
  5. To understand that YOU are the only person responsible for your financial life 

Here at Money Mum we believe that if by following these 5 simple steps you can make a real difference to your life by putting them into practice every day.