Money Mum


“Wealth isn’t about being born with it or being born privileged, it isn’t about a great education or what you do in life. It isn’t necessarily about having common sense. It is about acquiring the skills and common traits that enables an individual to create wealth and build financial security”, Gill Fielding.

Money Mum was set up to help families in the UK achieve financial freedom. Our main objective is to help improve individuals understanding of their own personal financial management and safeguard their financial future through teaching the ‘financial 5 a day’.

We understand that this doesn’t just include the grownups, and we believe that by providing a sound education from a young age this will instil good values and better habits when it comes to money in adulthood.

It’s well known that Gill came from humble beginnings in London’s East End, and as a young girl she understood what it was to not have any money. She experienced what it was like to be part of the working-class first-hand and that is something that has always stuck with her. Having made her fortune, Gill feels passionately about providing the nation with the tools to improve their financial situations, just as she did. In Gill’s view this should start in school with children being taught the skills and confidence to create their own wealth.

The charity was founded in January 2017 and enables Gill to continue her work in lighting the spark of financial possibility for as many people as she can get too. Recognising that Fielding Financial isn’t a viable option for everyone and that there was a gap in the market, Gill set up Money Mum whose purpose is to help everyone no matter their background, understand the principles behind the achievement of financial freedom.

We at Money Mum have identified the five key principles that are important to an individual or family’s financial stability, and these principles come together to form our ‘financial 5 a day’!

Just like our fruit and veg, we need each of the ‘5 a day’ to successfully get started on our wealth creation journey. The tools are literally for everyone, whether you want to be seriously wealthy, make it through the month and still be able to save for a holiday or simply live with the sense of relief that comes with not having to live from pay-check to pay-check. We will help you get your finances in order and then build on that, now solid, financial base.

So, what are the Financial 5 A Day?

1. To be able to control your income and expenditure 
2. To be able to manage and control debt 
3. To be able to budget effectively 
4. To Understand the future value of money 
5. To understand that YOU are the only person responsible for your financial life 

Simple right?

By following the 5 simple steps of the financial 5 a day you will and can make a real difference in your life. Put them to practice every day and see the changes to your wealth.

Money Mum forms part of the Wealth Motorway, to learn more about wealth creation and the components of financial stability click here.

How did we help in 2018?

Last year we supported the Spear Programme at Resurgo and the Salvation Army. We completed a sponsored walk with young people and mentors from Fielding Financial coming together to raise money while giving advice and talking about experiences on the walk. With the Salvation Army we hosted a day called ‘eat well for less’ where we cooked up a storm while working with budget planning tools.

What’s in store for 2019?

This year Money Mum (and Fielding Financial) are working alongside a young offender’s programme. With an educational focus, we will help to deliver a programme that teaches individuals how to manage money as well as and get back on track financially. We are also in the early stages of development for an app which will help simplify the process into easy with easy step by step challenges and budgeting.

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