The Access Lane

The slip road is where you need to be BEFORE you go onto the lanes themselves. It’s where you sort out the basic domestic stuff and make sure you and your family are safe to travel. That means looking at household finances, and the gritty stuff like mortgages, insurances, wills and pensions. The slip road isn’t an opulent place to be. You want to go faster but you have to be patient and get your money ducks in a row first. That’s just like a motorway slip road, you can’t quite go fast yet, and there’s normally somebody in the way. You can see the glory of the faster lanes tantalisingly in front, but you aren’t quite there.
But you will be!

You can’t do anything with your wealth creation until you can sleep at night. That only comes when you know that you and those connected with you are safe and you have enough to do the basics. So be patient. You will get onto the faster lanes quite quickly once you give the slip road some attention.

The slip road is our starting point and the foundation to our wealth creation so please don’t stop on it! I think people who stop there are my biggest personal frustration because there are many people who get this bit sorted. They wade through stuff like pensions details and do everything ‘right’ in their life, but they never quite have enough because they lack the courage or knowledge to just go that little bit further and get onto the motorway itself. That’s where the real wealth happens.

To learn how to you can build a strong foundation for your wealth creation try my Wealth Wizard exercise and understand exactly where your money is going and the areas you can quickly improve on.

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