The Three Lanes

The pathway to wealth isn’t a pathway. It’s a heaving, pulsating massive motorway, which is open day and night, 24/7 including bank holidays! That’s great news because once you get the motorway going and your own personal vehicles are travelling on it, then your wealth is assured because the wealth will flow day and night, 24/7 and even on bank holidays.

The motorway is divided into three lanes. That is simply being involved or invested in the three staples that lead to the creation of a wealthy life:

  • Land and property
  • Businesses
  • Trading of other assets such as shares, currency, options and commodities

Nowadays, some people say that the internet is the fourth lane of the highway. I’ve included that in my business lane – whether you see three, four or even five – lanes, that’s all fine as long as you have a motorway in the first place. Then you can decide what it looks like and how big it is – after all it’s your motorway!

Some people may have read these couple of paragraphs and immediately started to panic. ‘Being invested in’ sounds a like a tall order but it doesn’t need to be.

You can be ‘invested in’ shares with £25 in your ISA (Individual Savings Account). You can be invested in property with one buy to let property or with a share of your teenager’s university accommodation. Or even £25 in a property based unit trust (more on those elsewhere). You can be invested in business with a small part time business from your kitchen table with no starting capital at all. They all count. As I say wealth doesn’t have to be big or difficult as long as you get a sense of development and growth.

So, start with these small things – little vehicles on your motorway. Then gradually build it up over time to get larger and more vehicles. More properties, a bigger business, or even two: a fully-fledged share portfolio, and some currency trading. Throw in some antiques trading why don’t you – all is possible!

The aim is to fill your motorway so that IT supports you rather than the other way around. You can start to build your motorway whilst you have a job, and you may always continue that way – being wealthy doesn’t necessarily mean being an entrepreneur (I think it helps but it isn’t a prerequisite if that’s not your mind set).