Post Graduate Programme – Continue Your Development

Congratulations on the completion of your 24-month property investing training programme! Once you have completed your 24-month advanced level you are eligible to join our post graduate continuing development programme. This programme is designed to give you the ongoing support and education as you build your Property Investment Portfolio.

Monthly Membership

This programme is available for our Fielding Financial property training graduates at only £39.99 per month for one person or £69.99 per month for two people. Click one of the options below to continue onto our post graduate programme.

Click here to buy one person per month for £39.99

Click here to buy for two people for £69.99


PTAH Training Days

As you know our Path to a Half training days offer practical hands on workshops which give you the opportunity to rehearse your property investment strategies and techniques in our “family” environment. It’s your ongoing opportunity to get together with other family members, to share experiences, ask questions and discuss deals. The Path to a Half training days embody the ethos of Fielding Financial. It is your support network of like-minded individuals and its great fun too. So, bring along your latest deal, challenge or opportunity and we’ll talk it through. We run Path to a Half training days four times each year.

Please note:  As part of your 24-month training, you are entitled to attend 8 of our PtaH events. If you have been unable to attend your full allowance, you will still receive invitations for these events.

Monthly PTAH Webinars

Each month our Path to a Half webinar will be hosted by one of our experienced property investors and can either be watched live or as a recording later on.

During the webinar they will discuss the deals they are doing at the moment, their successes, their challenges and the investment strategies they are following. The monthly Path to a Half webinar is an essential part of your ongoing education, not only will it allow you to focus on the individual strategies that works for you, it is also your monthly contact with Fielding Financial to find out how other students are progressing and to receive up to the minute information on the UK property market.

Monthly Property Essential Webinar & Podcast Programme

Keep constantly connected through a series of hosted monthly support webinars via your computer and monthly podcasts for you to download. The ongoing education you will receive during the monthly webinars and on the monthly podcast is designed to give you the confidence and the know how you need by covering a multitude of property investing essentials as you build your property investment portfolio.

Throughout the year, we’ll cover a variety of subjects that will contribute to your success in property, recap on what you’ve already learnt, hear the latest news from the property market and learn from a variety of property investors giving you the low down on their expertise.

Property Helpdesk

You can continue to use the dedicated property investors help desk and support services to discuss all aspects of property investing, from purchasing and refurbishing properties, to dealing with tenants.

Call them if you just want to chat through your latest deal or challenge, or if you want a connection to a solicitor, insurance broker, accountant or any other power team member.

Monthly Property Investing Newsletter

Every month you will be emailed with our monthly newsletter which is jammed packed full of market news and analysis including: interest rates and inflation, demand and employment figures, UK property news and what else is happening with Fielding Financial.


Facebook Support Group

Continued access to the Fielding Financial Support Group, a networking group for members of the Fielding Financial Family. This is the place to stay in touch, ask questions, post useful information and swap ideas with fellow property investors.


Dealmaster App

DealMaster is our state-of-the-art property software application designed to help you on your property investing journey. By becoming a post graduate student, you will have access to the latest updates, new features include:

•  Send data file to email and print deal summary as PDF
•  Refinance AND Flip calculation
•  Prudential regulation checker
•  By-the-Room expense calculation
•  Imperial to metric room size converter
•  Added stamp duty calculation for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland