Solving the Property Puzzle


Designed to help aspiring investors understand the property market from a professional prospective, Secret Millionaire Gill Fielding aims to inspire others to follow in her footsteps.




Have you ever dreamed of owning your own property portfolio and being financially free? ‘Solving the Property Puzzle’ is an easy-to-read, informative guide, packed with top investor tips to help you achieve this.

Designed to help aspiring investors understand the property market from a professional prospective, Secret Millionaire Gill Fielding aims to inspire others to follow in her footsteps.

Directly challenging common misconceptions, Solving the Property Puzzle, includes invaluable advice such as:

  • How to find the best place to invest and why 99% of people get this wrong.
  • Funding, and why you only ever have to worry about that first deposit.
  • Mortgages, including the benefits of Buy-to-Let.
  • The ups and downs of the property market and why you shouldn’t fear them.

The more you understand about investing in property, the more you realise that YOU can also gain Financial Freedom when you have the right knowledge.

This book gives you access to all of Gill’s accumulated knowledge for the best start to getting onto the property ladder!

About the Author

Co-founder of Fielding Financial Gill Fielding is a self-made millionaire with a no-nonsense, positive approach to finance and a personal mission to educate the nation in managing and improving their own financial position.


“This book is a little gem. Some time ago I attended a seminar of Gill’s and this book really does capture her practical, no-nonsense approach to property investment. Her system is explained in detail – a system that I myself have just followed successfully with the purchase and refinancing of my first small buy-to-let house. Gill is a natural teacher and I found the steps she takes you through in the book clear and easy to follow. All I needed to bring was a little faith and courage!” – Carolyn Field 2017

“If you are new to property investing and want an easy read then I strongly recommend this book. I found Gill’s approach to investing really informative and her tips incredibly useful. Looking forward to getting started!” – Amazon Customer

“The bible of property investment books from the recognised leader in property investment education. Ideally the first book you should read on the property investment journey, setting the foundations of understanding and strategy. Easy to read, informative and perfect for reflecting back time and time again.” – Jamie Barnett

“Brilliant book! Everything is explained really clearly, and it is a great source of motivation. After reading the book I am reminded that it is possible!” – Amazon Customer

“A comprehensive guide to the buy to let process with benefits & pitfalls. Emphasis on choosing specific locations with precise financial targets.” – W K Greer

“In my quest for financial freedom I have read many books If I had read this one first, I would not have bothered with the rest. Straight-talking no-nonsense facts… excellent.” – Amazon Customer

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Solving the Property Puzzle: A guide to successful property investment

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What other students have said

Marie Ritchie

January 30, 2019

It’s been a wonderful experience. It recharges my batteries and keeps me focused. Since leaving my career in TV journalism, I hadn’t found anything that quite matched the professionalism, buzz and excitement of that time until I joined the Family.

Steve Walker

The information we were given was very valuable and something that we can go out and start putting in place and use straight away.

Marie Waller & Andrew Gilbert

We feel very happy with our mentorship and have 100% confidence that we will succeed. We have enjoyed ourselves and have met and got to know an amazing mentor.

Elma Short

What an awesome journey. A huge thank you to everyone who helped us along the way. Here comes the Oscar speech!!!

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